About Us

Salva Diem Means:

Salvage the Day, Saved the Day, Save the Day

Do you ever get upset with yourself when you start the day off wrong? Let's say you wake up late, or you yelled at your child while you were trying to get everyone ready for school. You might have called in sick for work because you couldn't stand the thought of going today. 

Sometimes life can be challenging, and we might feel that we've started off on the wrong foot. And we truly might have been going down the wrong path and making wrong choices. But this doesn't mean that everything's wasted. Jesus died for our sins, and from a huge perspective, He "saved the day". He saved us. And if you take that concept down to the level of a day in your life, if you've started the day badly, that doesn't mean the whole day is headed in that direction. Save your day. Forgive yourself and forget about that step that was out of line. It's time to move on. And that's exactly our meaning as a company.

Salva Diem is you, it's me too, because we both are under the mercy and grace of Lord, Jesus Christ. And here at Salva Diem, we are celebrating the fact that Jesus died for our sins. That's so much deeper than a sentence. The joy that we receive from the relationship we have with Jesus must be shared. We are making it possible to share this message when you wear a Salva Diem shirt, graphically reminding people that the power of Jesus overcomes darkness. We can provoke thought, and turn the light on in this house that we live in when we display our faith openly. I encourage you to take that step with us. And we pledge to further the cause of Christ through a percentage of sales going towards helping the homeless, those who hunger, addicts and even animals.